Renewable energy

Arab Orient Company was established to provide advanced and unique technological solutions through the use of renewable energy technology and consulting opportunities. Arab Orient was established by a group of professionals with extensive business and business consulting experience. The company has a mature perspective to generate renewable energy technology and has a goal to expand this experience in favor of a more energy sector. We strive to integrate the best products, services and creative ideas in an attempt to solve the requirements of developing the green energy-based energy sector.

Arab Orient offers integrated services and solutions ranging from strategy development to designing, implementing, training and managing complete Renewable energy and Business projects. Our Quality Assurance Framework provides us with the foundation to ensure the highest standards of quality in implementation and delivery. Arab Orient follows internationally recognized quality standards to maintain consistent quality.

Arab Orient’s Renewable Energy Vision

Providing comprehensive Renewable Energy services locally and global to assist in integrating an advanced energy business outlook in Palestine, promote energy market changing causes, and develop transparent & clear mechanisms of green energy.

Arab Orient’s Renewable Energy Mission

To improve integrated renewable services, promote and implement green energy production in Palestine and present an independent message and character. Arab Orient Technology Services aims at implementing this mission through:

  • Investing in creation and development of renewable energy outlets and resources to provide a comprehensive executive portfolio of services and create development based business model.
  • Developing creative business models and partnerships with local and regional investors and technology owners.
  • Maintaining an independent approach of Opening new markets to integrate with all sector players.

Arab Orient’s Renewable Energy Goals

  • Establishment, launching and activation of our own renewable projects.
  • Enhancing local and external network of affiliation through organized marketing outreach programs and creative partnership proactive offerings.
  • Include all sector players in targeted client base and expanding service delivery to new untapped areas and sectors while pausing a neutral business model and approach.