Electric Car

AOTS & LEVDEO Partnership:


The idea of electric cars dates back more than 100 years when it introduced its first successful electric car in 1890 thanks to chemist William Morrison. His car had a capacity of six passengers and a top speed of 14 mph slightly more than that of electric vehicles, but it contributed to the interest in electric cars.

While the development of the internal combustion car that runs on gasoline or diesel has progressed apace over the past century, the development of the electric car has lagged behind.

After an absence from the market and the occurrence of the 1973 global oil crisis, interest began secondly with the electric car not only to reduce dependence on oil imported from Middle Eastern countries, but also to the need to preserve the environment.


Environmentally friendly electric cars do not emit harmful gases, they are easy to operate and do not make noisy noises.

And the governments of many countries encourage their citizens to switch to the electric car hitting two birds with one stone. On the one hand, they help achieve the goals of countries by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and they also reduce pollution rates in cities.

In Arab Orient:

We are working to be an advanced factor to encourage the presence of the electric car in the Palestinian market.